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VeraVeeCert Company is pleased to present to your attention its services:

 - in the field of production and services certification,

 - in the field of logistic and customs services.

We believe that we can add substantial value to your respectable Company and trust in the possibility of becoming one of your most reliable partners. 

VeraVeeCert Company assists in execution and obtaining of various permits necessary for importation and further sale of goods and services not only on the territory of the Russian Federation, but also on the territory of Ukraine, Kazakstan and Belarus. 

Our company deals with the accredited bodies performing certification of production and services according to national standard - GOST R certification system, as well as with organizations that have licenses on Industrial safety expert evaluation.


The range of our services includes the preparation of such permits as:

  • GOST R certificate of conformity regarding the permissibility of equipment (obligatory, voluntary);
  • Certificate/ Declaration of conformity with Technical regulations Customs Union;
  • Certificate/ Declaration of conformity with technical regulations Machinery and Equipment Safety,
  • Metrology certificate (the type approval certificate of measuring instrument);
  • Registration Certificate of  the medical device (from Roszdravnadzor)
  • Certificate of the state registration (from Rosprirodnadzor);
  • Exemption Letter - for Customs authorities and trade;
  • Certificate of state registration (Sanitary Epidemiological Conclusions/ Hygienic Certificate);
  • Fire Safety Certificate;
  • Report of Ozone Depleting Substances Content;
  • Certificate of Quality Management System ISO;
  • Permission to application of technical devices (Rostehnadzor Permission for Use, expert review  conclusion on industrial safety of equipment);
  • Development, registration of TS (technical specifications);
  • Certificates of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan;
  • EURO 2,3,4 (Certificate of compliance with environmental class) and other allowing documentation.

The following benefits can be gained from the cooperation with us:

  • Saving time and money by focusing on core business
  • Increasing of sales and competitiveness
  • Reducing of cost by using reasonable prices
  • Concentrate on development of more profitable customer base


Our clients are so well-known Companies as COMPANY:

  • «Feman D.O.O.»,
  • «RMA Kehl GmbH & Co. KG»,
  • «Waldner Laboreinrichtungen GmbH & Co. KG »,
  • «Schlumberger»,
  • «MEC Srl.» and others.

In case, you get interested in the services our Company provide, please contact us to agree upon the date and time!

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